Into the Night

A weekend chock full of things to do, places to go, and people to see. On the beach end, three restless brothers from New York open Cream (601 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 674-7988) with promises and plans for frivolity. The festivities begin on Friday with a private party for VIPP's (Very Important Party People) from 9:00 to 11:00; the doors swing open for regular folks at 11:00. Expect the usual grand opening hoopla, including an open bar and free food; five different DJs will spin all kinds of music in two rooms. The party continues on Saturday, when the club goes Latin with DJ Domingo dispensing cha-cha rhythms all night long and a performance by merengue outfit Gran Union. Sunday goes retro with funk and disco tunes from the past. If you are attuned to club culture but live music (and the mainland) is more your game, you're in luck. Starting Friday and running through Labor Day (September 2), radio hosts and music men the Beast and Baker kick off the Second Annual Miami Rock Festival at Churchill's Hideaway (5501 NE Second Ave., 757-1807; see "Calendar" for details).

Strand, "The Great Smoke." Once a month, cigars dangle from every glamorous mouth in town as celebrities, local cigar aficionados, and mere mortals gather in true style to eat, smoke, drink, smoke, socialize, and, of course, smoke. 671 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 532-2340.

Yuca, "Havana Nights." Rum king Bacardi and Don Fife cigars host; Havana Nights, a thirteen-piece orchestra, performs retro Cuban hits and serves up a healthy dose of Latin flavor and rhythm. 501 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach, 532-9822.

Century Beach Club, "Century Classics." Classical music performed by members of the Florida Philharmonic Orchestra. 161 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach, 674-8855.

Bermuda Bar, "Salsa Sensation." A ladies night where you can cha-cha to your heart's content. 3509 NE 163rd St., North Miami Beach, 945-0196.

Speakeasy Bar and Lounge, "Arts in the Neighborhood." Celebrate the happy-hour-style opening of Italian artist Salvo Spitale's poignant photography exhibiton. 1230 Ocean Dr. (Ocean Front Hotel), Miami Beach, 672-2579.

Salvation, "Chocolate City." Anything can happen when DJ Peter T. goes deep with R&B, hip-hop, bass, and reggae all night. 1771 West Ave., Miami Beach, 673-6508.

Marsbar, "Angels in Iron." Inside a metal cage that hangs high above the dance floor, rhythmically inclined girls twist and turn for the hordes below. 8505 Mills Dr., Town & Country Center, Kendall, 271-6909.

Fat Kat's Pool Bar. The pampered pool palace gets together with sister club Iguana for a night of cool cats and hot grooves. 8505 Mills Dr., Town & Country Center, Kendall, 274-8090.

Meza Fine Art, "Arte, Parranda, y Trova." Latin duo Carlos and Marta host a night of cool mood music with an open bar, complimentary hors d'oeuvres, and cafe after the show. 275 Giralda Ave., Coral Gables, 461-2723.

Liquid. Get wet with the sweat of hundreds of gorgegous bodies as DJ Ian Appell spins new house tunes. Later, cool off in the Situation Room with DJ Mark Leventhal. 1439 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 532-9154.

Twist. The bar for boys, always brimming with excess and overindulgence, hosted by dance master DJ Charlie Mercado. 1057 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 538-9478.

Squeeze, "Midsummer Night's Scream." A naughty pajama party with local bands Jack Off Jill and the Holy Terrors performing some not-so-nice music for those geared up for mayhem. 2 S. New River Dr., Fort Lauderdale, 954-522-2151.

MoJazz Bar & Lazy Lizard Grille, "Brazilian Jazz Night." Top off the weekend with the cool sounds of the Rain Forest Band, featuring powerful vocalist Luciana. 928 71st St. (facing Normandy Fountain), Miami Beach, 865-2636.

Ready Bar, "Coffee." Jody McDonald and Mark Leventhal's answer to the plethora of weak "T's" out there. An afternoon of fun and frolic amid the usual drag luminaries and bouncing boys and girls. 560 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 534-8847.

Caffe Torino, "Drag Night." Dinner goes hand in hand with singing and dancing drag queens, with DJ Bugie dishing out hot tunes after the show. Hosted by the legendary Kitty Meow. 1437 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 531-5722.

Virtua Cafe, "Reality Sucks." Drown your real-life sorrows with alternative grooves, multimedia interaction, and dollar longnecks all night. 1309 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 532-0234.

Rose's Bar & Music Lounge, "Open-Mike Night." Locals try their best before a crowd of appreciative and forgiving regulars. 754 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 532-0228.

Gold Coast Roller Rink, "Gay Skate." The original gay skate with loads of beauties on wheels and hundreds of dollars in prizes and surprises. 2604 S. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale, 523-6783.

Society Hill, "Trash-Can Tuesday." Local bands Subliminal Criminal and Milk Shed help you stomp it up with the world's cheapest beer. Trash and thrash to your heart's content. 627 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 534-9993.

Cafe Casablanca, "Sounds of Brazil." A night of Brazilian punch where the samba and lambada rule. Live music by Marakatu and jammin' tunes by DJ Simao from Brazil. 100 Ansin Blvd., Hallandale, 940-9969.

Cafe Tu Tu Tango, "Martini Madness." A happy hour of fun for a new generation of martini lovers -- with more than 50 concoctions -- and the smooth jazz sounds of the Bill Pace Trio. 3015 Grand Ave. (CocoWalk), Coconut Grove, 529-2222.

Comedy Zone. Get over the hump with an evening of interactive laughs. Comedy theater group Punch 59 does scripted comedy, character pieces, standup, and -- best of all -- begs for audience participation. 1121 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 672-4788.

-- By Liz Martinez

Send information regarding special "one-nighters" to "Into the Night." Fax material to 372-3446 or call 579-1572.


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