Into the Night

Fall is the time for fashion, fashion, fashion -- fashionable clothes, fashionable clubs, fashionable ideas. And what could be more fashionable than rock musicians? A bevy of such congregate tonight (Thursday) and for the following three nights at Rose's Bar & Music Lounge (754 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 532-0228) to celebrate the club's third anniversary. The party kicks off with Angel, Angela Patua, King Briglia, INHOUSE, Omar Stang, Butter Club, the Puke Popsicles, and Bonding of the Dogs. Friday night things get swinging with the Brian Franklin Band, Suzy Creamcheese, Maria, Reckless Lester and the Tumbleweeds, the C-60s, the Avenging Lawnmowers of Justice, Mandrake, and the Underbellys (whose lead singer is very fashionable in a jacket that literally lights up like a Christmas tree). On Saturday the always fashionable Diane Ward, Sixo, Khadir, Skintite, Buddha Gonzalez, 4 0'Clock Balloon, Rudy, and the Boonedocks roll out the rock. And on Sunday the musical marathon wraps up with Clambake 2000, Y, AJ and the Stick People, Johnny Dread, Machete, and the uniquely fashionable Al's Not Well. Each night the festivities start at 10:00; admission is five dollars. And if that alone isn't fashionable enough for you, sashay over to Salvation (1771 West Ave., Miami Beach, 673-6508) on Saturday for a Bodygear Activewear fashion show, with a bounty of beautiful boys (including Mr. Bodygear 1996 Mike Resiert and Mr. Bodygear 1997 Steve Sliwa) parading around in clubwear, loungewear, swimwear, and underwear for your pleasure. The show starts sometime after midnight (they must be fashionably late, you know). Admission is ten dollars before midnight (ooh, open bar!) and twelve after. All proceeds benefit the Pedro Zamora Memorial Fund, and we don't have to tell you that charity is always fashionable.

Ready Bar, "Tommy Pooch Thursday." Party promoter extraordinaire Pooch helps you welcome in the weekend with the best of old and new music spun by DJ Mark Leventhal. 560 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 534-8847.

Marsbar, "Retrospect." The hinterland alternative club hurls musical classics at the paint-it-black crowd, all dressed up and looking for angst. 8505 Mills Dr., Town & Country Center, Kendall, 271-6909.

Cafe Miro, "Havana Nights." Cuban duo Carlos and Marta spice up the night with some Latin flavor. 448 Espanola Way, Miami Beach, 538-6476.

Lulu's Restaurant, "Bambi and the Boys." Get ready for some heavy cabaret fun as the beautiful Bambi sings the classics backed by her bodacious-bodied boys. 1053 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 532-6147.

Kitchen Club, "Ladies Night." Progressive, new wave, industrial, and Gothic music playing in two rooms, with complimentary admission for the ladies until midnight. 3701 NE Second Ave., 754-0777.

Splash, "Bliss." High-energy dance party full of debauchery, drinking, and table-top dancing girls for the ladies who prefer ladies. 5922 S. Dixie Hwy., South Miami, 661-0917.

Porcio, "Linger and Lounge." Make a reservation to mix and mingle -- and even eat, if you like -- in the restaurant's lounge as DJ Roberto Costa makes it hot with soul-stirring grooves. 801 S. Bayshore Dr., 373-2777.

Doc Dammers, "Yellow Mango." Bilingual singer/songwriter Pilar and her four-piece Mondowow Band delight one and all with their quirky and always entertaining brand of original tunes about love, life, and hamburgers. 180 Aragon Ave. (Colonnade Hotel), Coral Gables, 441-2600.

Bash, "Retro Night." The best in disco, swing, funk and soul with French DJ Christian Hernant. 655 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 538-8858.

Groove Jet, "The Church." Alternative in every sense of the word, with DJs Carlos Menendez, Dracula's Daughter, Charles Arnold, and latest addition Fence the Fish Boy pumping up two rooms of British invasion, industrial dance, and trip-hop tunes. 323 23rd St., Miami Beach, 532-2002.

Liquid, "X-Tra Large." Men, men, and more men -- on a night where nothing else much matters. Jack Benggio and Marvella host this men's-travaganza while DJ Jo Jo Odyssey spins humongous grooves. 1439 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 532-9154.

821, "Bingo 69." This isn't your grandma's bingo night! Local celebrities call out numbers and a different charity organization cashes in a donation each week; tonight, Top Secret's Andrew Price Summers does the calling honors. 821 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach, 534-0887.

Tobacco Road, "Swamp Boogie." Always, always on Monday you can catch Iko-Iko's deep-South, Everglades-boogie acoustic jam and knock back a Samuel Adams or two. 626 S. Miami Ave., 374-1198.

Virtua Cafe, "Reality Sucks." Drown your real-life sorrows with alternative grooves, multimedia interaction, and dollar longnecks all night. 1309 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 532-0234.

Fat Kat's Pool Bar, "Ladies Night." Felines enjoy free drinks and pool instruction at this haven for pampered pool. 8505 Mills Dr., Town & Country Center, Kendall, 274-8090.

Bar None, "Lemonade Party." DJ Corrado goes deep with a night of underground dance hits. 411 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 672-9252.

Lost Weekend, "Man's Ruin." A billiard and games bar full of evil lounge music and cool pool for a restless crowd. 218 Espanola Way, Miami Beach, 672-1707.

Warsaw Ballroom, "Male Erotica Night." Strippers, both amateur and all-too-professional, competing for sleaze and glory. Normally Warsaw's best night. 1450 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, 531-4555.

Lua, "Worldbeat." Straight from Ibiza, DJ Kid pumps up a night of fashion and frolic with a world-beat feel. 409 Espanola Way, Miami Beach, 534-0061.

-- By Georgina Cardenas

Send information regarding special "one-nighters" to "Into the Night." Fax material to 571-7678 or call 571-7572.


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