Into the Night

Acoustic rock and quirky pop take over Tobacco Road (626 S. Miami Ave., 374-1198) tonight (Thursday), as women of rock Diane Ward, Magda Hiller, and Marianne Flemming do it In the Round for a night of soul-stirring sounds and some pretty nifty guitar playing. The ladies take the stage at 10:00 p.m., and cover charge is five dollars. For some hot and heavier fun, party promoter extraordinaire Tommy Pooch extends the weekend one more night to Monday, January 13, for the annual Bartender's Ball at Amnesia (136 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, 531-5535). The highlight of the evening will be a concert by a plethora of big-name musicians playing together for the first time, including Slash of Guns N' Roses fame and several other rock and roll dudes who have played with some of the best names in the business. DJ Mark Leventhal also provides musical inspiration for the swarming crowd. The event is geared toward the bartenders of America, but anyone with a hearty appetite for drinking and debauchery is welcome. Doors open at the extremely early hour of 8:00 p.m., so rest up because the party could last all night. Subdued is more the plan at the new Strand (671 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 532-2340). After a three-month absence, the restaurant/hangout reincarnated itself two weeks ago as the Living Room at the Strand. Adorned with comfy couches and chairs, antiques, and velour curtains, the Room seeks to corner the market with the cigar-smoking, chit-chatting, cocktail-sipping set.

Society Hill, "Caliente." Salsa your way into the wee hours with a Latin night hosted by DJs Raza Valencia and Christian. 627 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 534-9993.

Marlin Bar, "Ulypian Thursday." DJ Snowhite quietly rocks the crowd as locals and tourists alike try to revive the art of stimulating conversation. 1200 Collins Ave. (Marlin Hotel), Miami Beach, 673-8770.

Club Tropigala, "The Magic of Music." Take a journey through time with a historic musical revue spanning the last seven decades. Available with or without dinner package tonight through Sunday. 4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, 672-7469.

Marsbar, "Retrospect." The hinterland alternative club hurls musical classics at the paint-it-black crowd, all dressed up and looking for angst. 8505 Mills Dr. (Town & Country Center), Kendall, 271-6909.

Mezzaluna, "Groovin' Jazz." Sultans of smooth sounds Leo Casino and Bella Donna groove it up with R&B and jazz favorites. 834 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach, 674-1330.

Union Bar, "Latin Night." The Latin masses join forces for some hot and heavy rock en espanol dispensed by DJ Gus. 653 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 674-7870.

EDGE Theater. Start the weekend off with an evening of interactive laughs with comedy theater group Punch 59's scripted comedy, character pieces, standup, and -- best of all -- audience participation. 405 Espanola Way, Miami Beach, 531-6083.

Kitchen Club. DJ Carlos Saint Germain churns out gothic, dark-wave, and retro tunes at the Kitchen's brand-new location, up the road from its old digs in the Design District. 11220 Biscayne Blvd., Miami Shores, 754-0777.

Bermuda Bar. South Florida's biggest dance party is broadcast live on Y-100 with DJ Jade Alexander taking the reins of party culture and giving them a pull. 3509 NE 163rd St., North Miami Beach, 945-0196.

Liquid, "The Bitch Is Back!" Get wet with the sweat of hundreds of gorgeous bodies as DJ Waxman spins new house tunes. Cool off later in the Situation Room with DJ Mark Leventhal. 1439 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 532-9154.

Ready Bar, "Mulberry Sunday." Adora hosts a fantabulous dinner drag show with a special guest performer each week. 560 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 534-8847.

Tudor Hotel, "Lady Love." A chic, laid-back party for women who love women, with DJs Aaron, Brandon, and Arode Von P. on the wheels of steel. 1111 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, 534-2442.

Cameo Theatre, "Disco Inferno." Year after year the party rolls on, and the regulars just can't get enough of Seventies trash music. 1445 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 532-0922.

Berlin Bar, "Cozy Monday." Party promoter Brigitte Andrade presents a night of hot jazz and cool people. 661 Washington Ave., Miami Beach 674-0864.

Rose's Bar & Music Lounge, "Open-Mike Night." Locals try their best before a crowd of appreciative regulars. 754 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 532-0228.

Ready Bar, "Mahogany Monday." Come join the women of business for a networker to benefit the the Breast Cancer Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital with a special bubbling lounge act performance by Bambi and the Boys. 560 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 534-8847.

Groove Jet, "Twist-Her." Tune in for some Tang and gear up for a real trip through the Seventies and Eighties, complete with glam rock, retro, and trash tunes. 323 23rd St., Miami Beach, 532-2002.

Comedy Zone, "Club Flav-ahh!" Savor the flavor of DJ Miik as he steps behind the controls, dispensing deep and dirty underground tracks, with complimentary espresso all night long in case you need an added jolt. 1121 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 892-6979.

Polly Esther's, "Countdown." A supermad night of psycho disco and phunky funk to take us all back in time. 841 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 535-5633.

Lost Weekend. A billiard and games bar full of evil lounge music and cool pool for a restless crowd. 218 Espanola Way, Miami Beach, 672-1707.

Alcazaba, "Ladies Night." The upwardly mobile and utterly sophisticated Latin crowd converge for dancing, drinks, and socializing. 50 Alhambra Plaza (Hyatt Regency), Coral Gables, 441-1234.

-- By Liz Martinez

Send information regarding special "one-nighters" to "Into the Night." Fax material to 571-7678 or call 571-7572.


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