International Thursdays Continue at Jazid Tomorrow Night With Cabana Cachaca

You guys already know all about MiamiAlterLatino's International Thursdays at Jazid. They've had the Parranda Colombiana, the Fiesta Argentina, Rockea en Español. Perhaps you've even heeded our advice and cruised on in to get a little culture--and drink specials--in ya. Well, the party continues and the opportunities to broaden your horizons right in your own back yard abound. Because this Thursday, they're offering you a passport stamp to Brazil, where soccer is king, people fighting looks like they're dancing (or is it the other way around?), and of course, women with particularly shapely derrieres wear little more than a thong whilst donning two-story headdress in the streets.

Okay, it may not be Carnaval. But Cabana Cachaca will be a hell of a good time. And thanks to Brazilian singer Rose Max, host Andrea Cecilio and plenty more drink specials, you won't even know you never hopped an international flight.


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