Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap describes her music as "living and breathing." That's accurate, if you imagine a world where every word is alive with electro breathlessness. As the vocal half of the unlikely sensation Frou Frou, Immi (as she's known) received the coveted Zach Braff seal of approval and tracked big in the Grammy-nominated soundtrack for Garden State. Back on her own lonesome, she debuted her Laurie Anderson-inspired "Hide and Seek" on The OC and earned a Top 40 Billboard download, then the highest point of any so-called electronic artist. But as she says, Heap's all about "living and breathing," and there's only so much live breath in a machine. Or is there? On tour to plug her trippic hip Speak for Yourself, the mod woman of song shows those gadgets might feel more than we believed.


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