Ill Gates at the Vagabond March 15

The ever-rolling bass waves created by Miami's tectonic booty claps in the '80s have tsunamied through space-time and crashed across Canadian borders.

The proof: low-end marauder and fresh-coast connoisseur Ill Gates. And for his first Miami show as part of Shake's Get Low monthly at the Vagabond, the Toronto native (who recently relocated to San Fran) is sure to bring a glitch-hop-heavy bag of tricks that includes constant app-enabled improvisation. In fact, Professor Gates will run a full production seminar at Sweat Records for $50 the night before his show.

Discussing his headliner, Shake promoter Jsin Jimenez says, "Glitch-hop is big on the West Coast. But the bass scene has kind of taken off everywhere. There are no regional boundaries. This is music you can dance to and that girls like. There's a lot of hip-hop sampling and effects made on the fly. [Ill Gates has] never been to Miami, so we've got people driving in from way up north."


Ill Gates

With Juan BassHead, Animal Krackerz, MCs Nome and Jumanji, Dusthead, Lamebot, Insolent, A-Train, Rob Riggs, and Ashworth, as part of Get Low, presented by Shake. 10 p.m. Thursday, March 15, at the Vagabond, 30 NE 14th St., Miami; 305-379-0508; Admission costs $10.

Get Low, now in its 34th edition, continues on its mission to promote bass in all of its forms. But this will not be a straight-up dubstep party. So come prepared for a shot of the unexpected. As Jimenez explains, "We're always trying to break new ground down here. This is our pre-WMC party for the locals, before all the out-of-towners come down to mess around."


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