Ice Cube's Top Six Gangsta Bangers

Ice Cube's Top Six Gangsta Bangers

These days, the rap game is kind of soft. It's all over-glorified Hokey Pokey dance steps, 808 tics, and bull-shit braggin'. Most of the time, these MCs are just mimicking the gestures of gangsters gone by.

Still, there was a time when rap was real, and Ice Cube is one real motherfucker. He's been around for decades, and it's his shadow that most of these lil' wannabes are walking.

He'll cast that shadow over the crowd at LIV for a special performance on Sunday, June 9. And maybe he'll drop some of these classic trill gangsta hits.

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Ice Cube's "Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It"

Gangsta rap is pretty misunderstood by the lames of America. It's not about glorifying the ugly side of life, but it is about shedding a light on the darkness of real life in the streets. Ice Cube is tired of people blaming this music for the evils of the world. In reality, gangsta is intelligent commentary on social problems and harsh truths. But as long as the haves refuse to acknowledge the have-nots, the fight continues.

N.W.A.'s "Gangsta Gangsta"

Ice Cube busts right out the gate on this N.W.A. classic, delivering tons of iconic rhymes like there was nothing to it. He keeps the storytelling tradition of hip-hop alive, even if the story isn't an easy one to swallow. Don't come stepping to him without having done your research. It's not like running up on one of these soft new kids. Cube's been 'round.

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