Ian Pooley

German house producer Ian Pooley's repertoire ranges from the airy, ambient Euro-house of his brilliant Meridian to his Brazilian house anthem with Esthero "Balmes (A Better Life)." As one of a handful of house producers to earn a major-label deal in the past few years (via his now-defunct relationship with V2), he is recognized by both dance and mainstream pop fans as a high-quality artist who makes distinctive instrumentals capturing a range of moods, from thoughtful and introspective to hot and sensual. Now, after a three-year absence, Pooley returns with a highly anticipated new disc, Souvenirs, scheduled for release in April.

1. Gaelle, "Give It Back (Eric's Wollman's dub)" (Naked Music)

2. Annie, "Heartbeat (Alan Braxe mix)" (679 Recordings)

3. Les Visiteurs, "Snoop's Acid Drop" (white label)

4. Mike Monday, "Cash" (Freerange)

5. Blackjoy, "La Stache" (Art of Disco)

6. 2Raumwohnung, "Wir Sind Die Anderen (Fr¸hling 2007) (Boris Dlugosch mix)" (It.sounds)

7. Snoop Dogg, "Let's Get Blown" (Universal)

8. Spiritcatcher, "Between Brothers" (Polyphonics)

9. Miguel Migs, "Petalpushing (Ian Pooley mix)" (NRK)

10. Golan Globus, "Blazer (Version Two)" (Distinctive)


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