Issac Delgado

I Love Latin Music Festival at James L. Knight Center November 21

For U.S. citizens, traveling to Cuba can be un tremendo dolor en el culo. Unless you have special permission from the friggin' Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control, your ass will have to fly into Havana under the radar, through either the Bahamas or Canada. On the bright side, we live in Miami, so Cuba comes to us. Ever since that commie bastard named Castro started spitting his anti-imperialist rhetoric 50-odd years ago, almost all things gnarly — food, abuelitas, music — about the island immigrated to the Magic City. And this Wednesday, la música de Cuba takes center stage at the James L. Knight Center for the I Love Latin Music Festival, with some of salsa and timba's most prolific artists, including two-time Latin Grammy nominee Issac Delgado. "I'm from a very musical family," Delgado said in a 2001 interview with "I believe you're born with rumba." The musician began performing around Havana in the late '70s, but it wasn't until the early '80s that he "got a professional education with [popular Cuban bandleader] Pacho Alonso's group... Through his band I became a professional musician through and through. And later I started working with his son Pachito. And from there, later on, I was working at the Tropicana as a soloist in the Tropicana cabaret show." Delgado defected in 2006, but he continues to produce truly authentic Havana tunes. So go get your cubano fix.


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