Hunx and His Punx at the Stage September 9

Seth Bogart is unapologetically horny.

The onstage banter between the flamboyantly fabulous frontman of Hunx and His Pun and the crowd often consists of boner references, pee fetish pillow talk, and the occasional flashing incident. He has the body of a flat-chested teenage girl and the falsetto of a Phil Spector-produced wet dream.

But Hardly Art's mustached queen of '60s-esque girl pop might just be the king of the fuzzy-wuzzy bubblegum revival. Like the Ronettes and the Shangri-Las, Hunx and His Punx's simple music is about love — albeit gay love. The group's 2009 LP, Gay Singles, was 12 tracks of homoerotic, "Dear Diary"-like numbers about boy-craziness, heartbreak, and turning straight men into gay boys. Their latest, Too Young to Be in Love, also follows the boy-meets-boy formula, delivering ten tracks of lovers' quarrels, face-sucking sessions, and lovable bad-boy high jinks in a dreamy, 30-minute package of tastefully reverbed pop punk.


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