Hump Day by Roofless Records

For those of us sadly toiling, at least occasionally, in a cubicle, Wednesday is a shining beacon. If you can just grasp your sanity until that day, everything will be OK. Actually, if you're part of the crew that frequents the shows at the American Legion, you might not have the most demanding 9-to-5, but shit, who are we to judge? It's as good a reason as any to toast life with cheap drinks and some live rock 'n' roll.

Wednesday, April 14, marks a hump-day celebration put on by Roofless Records, a one-man operation that seems to gain more and more steam with an increased number of releases and shows around the Biscayne corridor. And this one features some out-of-towners, the Baltimore threesome Yukon. B-more is a growing epicenter of a scrappy movement of DIY rock, and Yukon's sound is, as expected, kind of lo-fi. Where it differs from many of the typical garagey offerings at the Legion shows, though, is in a certain progressive heaviness, with an arty, space-filling sound that hovers around the lightest edges of stoner rock. Coheadliners Cop City/Chill Pillars are semilocal, hailing from Lake Worth, and play a considerably louder, more roughed-up sound, something akin to old-school punk rock lovingly retrieved from a dumpster. Miami-based support for this show comes from the experimental, heavyish quasi-supergroup Beings, and the hushed, psychedelic trio Raja Khan.


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