What could be more fun than a Saturday-evening show with Humbert, Hialeah's very best rock band? How about a show with newcomer Pyrojet, debuting its first effort, Living Funeral; and the ever-present the Stop Motion? Humbert blends a certain kind of quirky pop with stick-in-your-craw songwriting skills. Following a successful turn at industry tastemaker event SXSW earlier this year, the Humbert bandmates have redoubled their efforts, expanding their Hialeah studio fortress, the Shack North, into a two-location enterprise; recorded a batch of brand-new hit songs; and, earlier this month, played the freaking planetarium of all places. Pyrojet's members tapped these guys' well-deserved local clout for their CD-release party, and who can blame them? — D. Sirianni


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