Huey Lewis


Huey Lewis

It's hip to be square again. Or maybe it's not. We have trouble keeping it straight. Either way, Huey Lewis and the News are very fucking rich. So rich, in fact, that we can't quite figure out why they're playing the casino circuit. But what the hell! Lewis and his mates have already won two Grammys; copped an Oscar nomination; scored, like, 137 top ten singles; and released not one, but two greatest hit collections (the most recent of which, Live at 25, came out last year). So what the hell else is left for Huey at this point? He's got all the new drugs he could ever want, he's got the heart of rock and roll, he's got — according to groupie lore — "the biggest cock in hard rock," and he dresses in gold leaf underwear. It's time for him to blow some of that massive wad at the craps table. We wish him well. — Steve Almond

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