Hotflush Miami, With Scuba, Eric Prydz, George Fitzgerald, Dusky at Electric Pickle March 23

EDM is a new music genre. And Skrillex invented bass music.

Yeah, maybe if you're a clueless American glowstick raver. Because in Britain, everyone and his grandmother knows electronic dance music has been going strong for more than three decades.

Music historians even have a name for this tradition: the UK hardcore continuum. From jungle and drum 'n' bass to garage, grime, dubstep, and beyond, it's a living, breathing, ever-evolving musical movement rooted in underground sound-system culture and pirate radio.


Hotflush Miami

Hotflush Miami: With Scuba, Eric Prydz, George Fitzgerald, Dusky, South London Ordinance, and others. Presented by SAFE and Embrace. 10 p.m. Saturday, March 23, at the Electric Pickle, 2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-456-5613; Tickets are sold out. Ages 21 and up.

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One label carrying the torch of that renegade spirit is Hotflush Recordings, the brainchild of DJ-producer Paul Rose, better known as Scuba and SCB. As a British rave kid, Rose soaked up those experimental homegrown sounds, which later steered his label's forays into the future of bass music.

"I grew up in London in the '90s, when there was a pretty incredible club scene in the city, far better than what is there now," Rose told New Times in 2011. "There was a lot more in the way of proper techno and house on the legal radio stations back then. And of course in London, you've got the pirate thing, which was heavily skewed toward jungle and garage. So the music was everywhere. It was impossible to ignore it. And as a kid just waking up to everything, it was pretty exciting."

That excitement of breaking new artistic ground is too often missing from electronic dance music in 2013. But Hotflush is bringing it back. And it's reason alone to catch the label's exclusive WMC showcase at the Electric Pickle. But then, the Miami debuts of international sensations George Fitzgerald and Dusky make this party straight-up unmissable for any discerning music lover.

No doubt it'll be a glimpse of the future.


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