H.O.S.H. Plays Electric Pickle on Friday

I first heard of Hamburg-based producer H.O.S.H. (a.k.a. Holger Behn)

through a mind-blowing 2008 release called "Radar" -- a collaboration

with esteemed producer and Diynamic labelmate Stimming. This insidious

little banger blends delectably nuanced and understated tribal rhythms

with weird distended pitch crescendos and a smiting climatic jazz organ

breakdown unlike anything else I've heard in techno before.

With an

idiosyncratic signature sound embracing elements of minimal tech, dub and

world music, H.O.S.H. has emerged into 2010 as one of the most original artists

of the German EDM scene, while contributing to the

increasing renown of the Diynamic Music collective. H.O.S.H. will be

bringing his innovative dance grooves to the Electric Pickle on

Friday night, where he'll be joined on decks by DJ Andres Amadeus,

plus Will Renuart, Tomas of Aquabooty, Edwin Adams and Terrance Tabeau.

H.O.S.H. at Electric Pickle, Friday, January 8, 11 p.m.-5 a.m. 2826 N Miami Ave., Miami.


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