Hip-Hop: Five Most Annoying Buzzwords

Hip-Hop: Five Most Annoying Buzzwords
Photo by Derick G

Let's face it, hip-hop is pretty stupid.

Not, like, inherently. Because it used to be about self-reflection, empowerment, and fun. Now, though, the mainstream rap community's message can be boiled down to a handful of misguided concepts, spewed and propagated by lying hacks.

There's almost nothing enlightening about radio-friendly rap music. And here are the five most annoying buzzwords on the air.

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Honestly, this word is dead. We used to argue about who invented it. But most "en vogue" lyricists have buried, mourned, and moved on from this hideous beast. This doesn't mean pop culture has paid any mind to the tides of time. Unless you're using the word ironically (and honestly, just don't), letting the term "swag" roll off your tongue is like walking around with "total asshole" stamped on your forehead. Let it go.

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