Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Gervasio Goris, a.k.a. Herbieman, writes on his MySpace page of how he came to Miami in 2005 on a 42-foot sailboat full of his musical instruments and an eagerness to sing in his bilingual English/Spanish. An adventuresome artist, Goris began pursuing music in 2003, when he left college to learn songwriting and guitar-playing in a way that would eventually create the jazzy, Latin-tinged, guitar-driven style he carries today. Influenced by Lenny Kravitz, John Mayer, and Dave Matthews, Goris delivers vocals that are as melodic as the acoustic guitar notes he plucks throughout his songs. And as much as he would like it to be true, it seems not even Goris himself can stay as smooth as his music. Currently recording his second album, Suave, Goris warns on his MySpace page to "keep watchful of this musical sailor." — Jake Nelson


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