Brad Miller


If you're among the culturally fortunate, then you've stumbled into a dive bar in Anywhere, U.S.A. in the last few years and heard: "We're Supagroup from New Orleans, Louisiana, and we're here to kick your ass." Sure, you tried to act cool. But before you got the chance to snort and walk away indifferently, the band smashed your eardrums with its irresistible early-AC/DC-meets-early-Mötley Crüe sonic assault. By the time it launched into its theme song, "Rock and Roll Tried to Ruin My Life," you had already whipped out your cell phone and called your mullet-wearing cousin Earl to tell him yes, real rock and roll does exist in the 21st Century, and he can find it if he would just pull his head out of the classic rock radio dungeon, come on down to the bar, and have a shot of Jack with you to the sounds of Supagroup.


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