Healthy Puff

The benefits of medicinal marijuana have long been noted as helping those with illnesses such as HIV or glaucoma better cope with the symptoms. Proponents argue for legalization so cataracted grandmothers no longer have to suffer through a day without a fat spliff between their lips. On four stages, Ploppy Palace Productions and Tobacco Road will host the fifth annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert, featuring song, dance, and, of course, lots of potheads, all together in the name of raising money for ... um ... we forget.

The Oski Foundation, the Avenging Lawnmowers of Justice, Boxelder, the Square Egg, and Wicked Screaming Squirts will be just a few of the twenty-plus scheduled acts to perform at the event. Besides a bunch of vocalists giving props to pot, Feiruz Asaad's Belly Dance Troupe will perform and Michael Dubiner will present a photographic series of the 2000 election -- during which many South Florida voters and poll workers likely took a few puffs of the stuff.


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