Jenna Vicious: A mean moniker for a sweet spinner.
Jenna Vicious: A mean moniker for a sweet spinner.
Courtesy of Jenna Vicious

Head Spins: Jenna Vicious

You'd never expect such a nice girl to have such a mean moniker. Then again, you'd never expect such a nice girl to slam such heavy tech-house either. According to Ms. Vicious, the name came from "old partner Andre Ramos. We produced experimental techno and house together under the name Panic Dice," she elaborates, "and I switched it last year ... kind of a joke at first, it just stuck."

Joke or no joke, the rad tag fits a whole helluva lot better than just plain Jenna G., which is what she'd been known as before she went Vicious. That first pseudonym just didn't begin to hint at what went down when she stepped into a DJ booth. Vicious's main influences are England's James Holden, Brazil's Gui Borrato, and Germany's Anja Schneider, which will give you an idea on which side of the dance floor her house gets buttered up. And the globe-spanning spinning perfectly represents how hot and molten that butter flows.

And if having a Daytona-born, Orlando-bred head-spinner swing the sounds of London, Sao Paolo, and Berlin doesn't make sense to you, well, then you just haven't been listening to the increasingly polyglot beat of Miami's mean streets. And you sure weren't listening to the Womb when Jenna V hosted her own show over those three years she was on air. And you sure weren't dancing at Voodoo Lounge, the Marlin, Amica, the Chesterfield, or Crazy 8s back when she was holding forth on the floor either. And if that's the case, then I imagine you've yet to venture out to Blue Martini on a Monday, where jazz saxophonist Anthony Carratto riffs over the Vicious DJ's international mix of tech, minimal, and electro.


Jenna Vicious

Jenna Vicious: Mondays at Blue Martini. Brickell: Saturday, December 13. Winter Wonderland 3: Club X-it, 219 N. 21st Ave., Hollywood. Doors open at 10 p.m. Tickets cost $20 at the door. All ages. 954-478-5105,

But no matter. Jenna Vicious is still spinning strong each and every week there's a Monday. And if Brickell's not your bag, come December 13 you'll be able to hear the maliciously monikered sound-slinger up in Hollywood at Winter Wonderland 3, one of those blowouts that goes well into another world. And if crossing the county line gives you a nosebleed, well, perhaps you can stand crossing the causeway and hitting the Sagamore on New Year's Eve. Yep, Jenna Vicious will be dishing it out that night, and rumor has it, a few of the Geishaz gang of girl DJs she belongs to will be right alongside her. Not to mention about a million mad partiers.

Which, I suspect, is just how Jenna Vicious would want all the parties she spins: packed to the rafters and utterly mad. Like the residencies she held out in L.A. (Spundae) and up in Orlando (Firestone, Destiny, Sky Sixty), her house has a tendency to bring the house down, even while it lifts every spirit in attendance. And like the above-mentioned DJ superstars she cites as influences, her house is built from all the best elements in minimal, tech, and electro. Better still, it comes from blueprints that seem to have been studied to form a foundation, and then shredded. Jenna Vicious is building from the best to ever come.

Jenna Vicious's current top five:

1. "Billy Says Go," Audion

2. "Anunciacion," Gui Boratto

3. "Baccara," Guido Schneider & Andre Galluzz

4."My Little Lady Birds," Glash & Til Yali

5."O Superman (Matt John remix)," M.A.N.D.Y. & Booka Shade

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