Head Spins: Induce

You go out — some might even say you go way out. But you wouldn't be able to do either if it weren't for the work of the DJ, the kitten or the cat who soundtracks each and every wild night. For the next however many weeks it takes, New Times is gonna get with some of Miami's best turntablists, be they mainland or Beach or both.

If indie — whatever that really means — had a DJ kingpin, Induce would be it, even if he was only a head spinner at White Room's hipster-heavy Poplife party Saturdays. But that clientele, alas, doesn't simply go out Saturday night, and it doesn't dig only Britpop and indie rock classics either. Neither does Induce, who drops bossa nova and other worldly beatitudes at Domo Japones each Thursday evening before delivering the Money $hot at The Vagabond later that night. He ends each weekend basking in ambient cool and straight-up jazz for Lovelife at The Standard, prior to indulging in Purdy's Lounge's bass- and Baltimore-blasting Chocolate Sundays.

Which is to say Induce spins the gamut, from here to there to out there. But just because a cat packs tracks by the likes of Sergio Mendes, Crookers, UGK, and Jamie Lidell into the same set doesn't necessarily mean he's built for speeding between scenes. For that a fella needs chops, and he needs moxie, and he needs know-how.


DJ Induce

Cocktails Anyone? at Domo Japones, Thursdays. Money $hot at The Vagabond, Thursdays. Poplife at White Room, Saturdays. Lovelife at The Standard, Sundays. Chocolate Sundays at Purdy Lounge, Sundays, www.myspace.com/induce1, www.thewonderfulsound.com, www.onemoredaylife.blogspot.com

Induce has all of that — enough chops to knock your block off, more moxie than a locomotive, and enough know-how to school the whole wild world into next year. (And owing to all of this, Miami New Times dutifully named him Best Club DJ of the past year.) But none of this is to say he's in any way pedantic, mind you. It's just to say he's keen and that he's on it. Keen enough to have gotten with Santogold when Ms. White was still Philly Stiff'd, anyway, and on it enough to break Kid Cudi's "Night 'N' Day" for each and every crowd he encounters. If the fever that heats the floor whenever Induce spins is any indication, those crowds undoubtedly concur.

Induce's current top five:

1. Santogold, Santogold (Downtown)

2. Dam Funk, "Burgundy City/Galactic Fun" (Stonesthrow)

3. Richard Bone, "Mambopolis" (Survival)

4. Big Boi, "Royal Flush (feat. Andre 3000 and Raekwon)" (Internet leak)

5. The Roots, Rising Down (Def Jam)


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