David Solano frees your ass on the dance floor.
David Solano frees your ass on the dance floor.

Head Spins: DJ David Solano

Leave it to a Carnival-happy country such as Colombia to have not one, but two independence days. The first occurs July 20 and celebrates the nation's 1810 revolt against its Spanish conquerors. The second goes down August 7 and honors the 1819 Battle of Boyacá, when a ragtag band led by Simón Bolívar kicked Royalist ass for the very last time. Both days mark the courage and fortitude of that South American nation's people, and each is equally meaningful in its own right.

And that's why both will be celebrated this Friday night for an elaborate extravaganza at Dream in South Beach. Miami has an extensive contingent of Colombian expats, and every one of 'em is mad about their heritage. And those few who aren't will be, especially after they get a load of the night's host, Jessica Canizales, otherwise known as Playboy Colombia's Miss March 2008. They'll also, of course, be swayed by DJ J. Felix, profiled in this column just two weeks ago, and DJ David Solano, the subject of this Head Spins.

Born in Bogotá, the sky-high capital some call "the Athens of Latin America," Solano made his way to South Florida at the ripe young age of 16. Being capital-minded, he went to college in Tallahassee, and until recently, he called the Sunshine State's government seat his home. It was in Tallahassee where Solano got his first spin, at Club Rain, and it was in Tallahassee where he and a few cool colleagues launched the roaming Day Glow parties, which thus far have visited every major city on our peninsula.


DJ David Solano

DJ David Solano: At the Colombian Independence Day Celebration. Friday, July 17. Dream Nightclub, 1532 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. Doors open at 11 p.m. Tickets cost $20. Ages 21+ with ID. 305-674-8018; dreammia.commyspace.com/davidsolanomusic

But even while Solano was securing his spot atop the nightlife in Tally, he found time to swing south and hit all the right hot spots. Stints at Mansion, Space, Passion, and Gryphon helped build the house-heavy DJ's credibility, as did slots at Ultra over the past two years. Finally, Solano relocated, deciding South Beach was primed for a full-time brush of his high-energy hybrid of progressive, electro, and tech.

It's a sound best described, perhaps, by noting some of Solano's current and classic favorites: tracks such as Antoine Clamaran's over-the-top "Get Down" and Robbie Rivera's vocally infused "Move Move," or more reverential throwdowns such as Mark Knight and Funkagenda's "Good Times." They're crowd pleasers, all right, but still shady enough to deepen the dark of any night.

Or, for that matter, any nightclub. Hit Dream while Solano is pulling down the house, and whether you're among Miami's mad crush of Colombian expats or not, you'll feel as if he's spinning this independence day just for you. Ready to get liberated?

DJ David Solano's current top five:

1. "Hey You," Milton Channels

2. "Days Like These," Ercy Mirage

3. "Cool," Spencer & Hill

4. "MindBeat," Ivan D

5. "Grade A," Eriq S


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