Brooke G is a knockout in every sense of the word.
Brooke G is a knockout in every sense of the word.

Head Spins: DJ Brooke G

Miami is lucky to have a small legion of knockout DJs, the kind of head spinners who can actually floor a dance floor and then have the crowd screaming for more, more, more. But you can count on one hand the number of knockout DJs who are actual knockouts themselves. You know, those who have both chops and looks. And among the very few in that camp is a dame named Brooke G, a knockout in every sense of the word.

Now, before all you PC militants get your knickers in a twist, of course we know folks are supposed to be judged on their talents or their merits and not their looks. But even in this enlightened age, looks do count. Besides, when someone is both pleasing to the ears and easy on the eyes, why shouldn't we point it out?

This is the case with DJ Brooke G. Born and bred in the 305, this Magic City chick has been steadily besting the boys since the new millennium kicked in. She got her start in Beantown while a student at Boston University. Scoring a slot on the student station, WTBU, she eventually climbed from show host to music director.


DJ Brooke G

DJ Brooke G: Fridays at Klutch, Miami Beach;

During that spell, she also summered in L.A., boothing up everywhere from the Chateau Marmont to the Viper Room. Back on Miami's hallowed ground, Brooke G eventually spun a rave afterparty for the likes of Snoop and the Roots. She hasn't stopped spinning since.

Eventually, Brooke G took residence at the Shore Club, Privé, and Mansion and did much to make those spots hotter than they already had been. Now she rocks the hip-hop in the Red Room at Klutch, where owners Joe Delaney and SMAC have given her free reign to do what she does best. It's what she describes as a form of "live remixing," where her rock break-infused hip-hop becomes a sort of mashup pushed to a new limitlessness. Naturally, she does all of that with nothing but vinyl and Serato. But what else would you expect from someone with such respect for the power of song?

Among the tracks in heavy rotation are Rihanna's "Rude Boy" and Trina's "Million Dollar Girl." But Brooke G is not adverse to throwing back to the Beastie Boys' "Brass Monkey" or even, when the rockier side strikes her, Lynyrd Skynyrd's "What's Your Name?"

She says her dream night out would be when "the crowd ain't posing." And with Klutch's inimitable mix of louche and lascivious locals, she generally gets that opportunity every Friday night.

DJ Brooke G's personal top five:

1. "Fortunate Son," Creedence Clearwater Revival

2. "Round and Round," Ratt

3. "Let the Music Play," Shannon

4. "Get Throwed," Bun B

5. "Still Ballin'," Tupac and Trick Daddy


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