Hated for Trying's Punk Comp "Cadence to Valor" Honors Local Fallen Soldier

Chelsea Linnabary recently lost her beloved husband and the father of her young daughter, Rosalie, to the war in Afghanistan. Though gone, U.S. Marine Cpl. Daniel L. Linnabary II will never be forgotten. His passing inspired the creation of Hated for Trying Records, established by Tony Flores from Die Trying and Johnny Love from To Be Hated.

South Florida has mad love for Chelsea, who grew up on the scene, going to shows from a young age, often with her punk-rock mom and rockabilly dad. They were the people behind SceneMom Productions, which booked hundreds of shows in SoFla over the years.

"We're just working-class street kids," Flores admits. "We can't give her the world. But every band gave a piece of themselves. Basically, we're saying we give a fuck, we care."


Hated for Trying

Request a copy of Cadence to Valor via facebook.com/dietryingoi or facebook.com/tobehatedmusic.

For the first run of its first release, Hated for Trying produced 100 numbered copies of a compilation dedicated to Corporal Linnabary, titled Cadence to Valor, featuring 27 South Florida ska, punk, hardcore, country, and Americana tracks. All songs were donated by the 25 bands that participated, and all proceeds will go straight to mom and baby.

Included on the comp are Charlie Pickett, Los Bastardos Magnificos, Severe Disappointments, Askultura, and Pool Party. "Shout out to every band on there," Flores says. "It's been an honor. I came up with the name Cadence to Valor because it's like all one song, one tribute, one ballad for a Marine, his wife, and daughter. And the cover art is done by Chelsea herself."

Meanwhile, Love knows this record will make a difference. "I have a feeling that just from the number of bands that are on the comp and all the people who know Chelsea [and her parents], we're gonna sell 'em all the first night and have to make more."

Request a copy of Cadence to Valor via facebook.com/dietryingoi or facebook.com/tobehatedmusic.


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