Happy Birthday, Uncle Luke! The Funniest and Filthiest Moments From Luther Campbell's 2011

Can a columnist get a table dance?

One-time 2 Live Crew capo and Miami-Dade County mayoral candidate Luther Campbell celebrated his 51st birthday last week. But the New Times contributor isn't calling it quits just yet. Tomorrow night, Uncle Luke's hosting an NYE weekend birthday bash alongside 99 Jamz's Felicia Money at SoBe Live.

We thought it'd be neat to look back at some of Campbell's most memorable moments of 2011. Check 'em out after the cut.

Luke's Brew at the Zoo

Luke was the guest of honor for this year's Brew at the Zoo. In this clip, he leads a "Toga! Toga!" chant and introduces a sexy gal on stage.

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Campbell's Ultimatum

Luke was "tired of seeing you cats soak up our sunshine, take over our nightclubs, and sleep with our women without investing anything into the community" this year. So much so, in fact, he blasted Lil Wayne, Diddy, and Khaled for not donating time and money to the South Florida area. Unless he sees a major change, these fools are getting the boot out of Miami.

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