Happy 90th!

Who needs birthday candles when you've got an RSVP from the Radiators and Chubby "Who Stole the Hot Sauce?" Carrier? For almost a century now (okay, so we're a decade shy), Tobacco Road has sparked up the wildest live shows in town. Not even Miami is hot enough to celebrate the Road's 90 years of rock, blues, soul, and zydeco alone. So this year the city's biggest birthday party steals fire from Louisiana, bringing in the Rads (with their famous "fish head" stew of styles), Chubby and his Bayou Swamp Band (no man is more dangerous with an accordion), and the Queen of Mardi Gras herself, Charmaine Neville (carryin' on to make her daddy and uncles proud). In keeping with the Road's long tradition, all twelve bands on the bill light up the stage like dynamite. If the neon on the Beach has been playing tricks on your senses, come on downtown to the Road for a reminder that Miami really is in the South -- and in the swamp -- and that's a good thing.


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