Happy 25th Birthday, Skrillex! Top 25 Moments, From Baby Pics to Grammys

Today, Sonny Moore turns 25.

It's been 25 years of dreaming, hard living, rule breaking, game changing, love, laughter, angry lyrics, highs and lows -- and of course, lots and lots of bass dropping.

Moore, famously known the world over as American dubstepper Skrillex, has always had a fanatic love for listening to and creating music, but his journey to the top of the game was not an easy ride.

Join us now as we traverse the elations, tribulations, and accomplishments that have shaped Sonny Moore through the years.

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Sonny Moore was a happy child. See? He's smiling.
Sonny Moore was a happy child. See? He's smiling.

January 15, 1988 Sonny Moore is born. He's given up by his natural mother and he's raised by two loving adoptive parents. The truth of his genetic lineage is unknown to him.

Age 2 Moore, his parents, and four siblings leaves their native Los Angeles and begin their lives in San Francisco.

Age 5-ish Moore wants to be a music man. He becomes obsessed with Michael Jackson, AKA the King of Pop. "I would dress up like him every day," he later tells Rolling Stone. "And I'd perform for my parents all the time. I'd even go to school in a hat, white shirt and black pants with high-water shoes."

Age 9 Moore receives his first guitar as a Christmas gift and decides he'll be a rock star. He is an exceptionally resolute human being.

Age 12 The happy family moves back to Los Angeles, where Sonny in enrolled at a special private school for children who excel in the arts.

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