Electro-raunch tag team Hank & Cupcakes.
Photo by Claudia Fried

Hank & Cupcakes Will Melt Your Panties at Bardot May 6

If you didn't get wasted, riot-slash-dance, lose your underpants, and do something shameful on February 17, 2011, then you weren't partying with electro-raunch tag team Hank & Cupcakes at Bardot.

Don't ever make that mistake again. Especially next Friday when these hot pop junkies return for a rerun of February's sloppy sonic energy explosion.

Still sweaty from a SXSW spree, it'll be the Brooklyn duo's sixth show on a 28-city sprint, zipping from Philly to Hotlanta to Houston and back to NYC.

Now as a rule, Hank & Cupcakes's modus operandi is NSFW. They might be married. "We are best friends, husband and wife, music partners, everything," the pair says. But they also don't mind getting ripped, raw, and a little weird.

Hank & Cupcakes Will Melt Your Panties at Bardot May 6
Photo by Claudia Fried

So expect spilled drinks, half-naked hipsters, and sexy group sing-alongs to dirty nu-disco cuts like "Ain't No Love" and "Hit."

It's gonna get intense. Or, as Cupcakes prefers to say: "We're gonna melt your panties so bring a spare!"

Hank & Cupcakes. Friday, May 6. Bardot, 3456 N. Miami Ave., Miami. The party starts at 9 p.m. Call 305-576-7750 or visit bardotmiami.com.

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