Hahahelp! fits into a long Miami tradition of experimental noise-trash musicians, in the line of Harry Pussy, Laundry Room Squelchers, Monotract, the Curious Hair, and others. The band exists as a collection of odds-and-sods drums, cheap synthesizers, out-of-tune guitar and bass, and improvised vocals. The group began as a free-form jazz-noise expedition in the summer of 2005; currently the outfit performs mainly as a duo, centered on the keys/drums of Ryan H. and the guitar/bass/vox of Ricky Diaz, who also performs as Cherry Impact. They are recording an as-yet-unnamed album with longtime local music booster and noise-music raconteur Rat Bastard at his Laundry Room recording studio in South Beach. Those looking for pure pop need not apply. Expect completely open song construction, homemade costumes, and a challenge to today's musical hegemony.


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