Gyptian performs at Florida Memorial University's homecoming concert February 11

Whoa, have you heard Nicki Minaj's remix of "Hold You," the sexy hit single by smooth reggae dude Gyptian? If the answer is no, then you are way, way, way behind the game (and potentially celibate) 'cause this lusty, little tag-team track totally dominated the Summer 2010 baby-making season.

Oozing equal amounts of rap raunch and reggae romance, the slow, sweaty jam has got a bit of everything for everybody. Do you dig dirty talk and crazy babble? Well, Ms. Minaj has prepared some semisleazy stream-of-consciousness stuff for you, such as, "Body smokin' cigarette... Tell 'em to skeet." How about gentle erotic suggestions? Perfect 'cause Gyptian's already whispering in your ear.

Bottom line: This song is so sweet, sticky, and super-potent that sexual intercourse might not even be a factor and you'll still be asking yourself, Am I pregnant?


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