You should know what to expect from a Guttermouth show. If the band's name doesn't spell it out, its reputation certainly should — there's a reason the guys were banned from Canada, after all. Guttermouth is amazingly adroit at crafting Nineties-American-style punk rock in the vein of bands such as Green Day (before Billie Armstrong decided to become a de facto populist pundit). Taking politics, or anything, seriously is the last thing on these guys' minds.

Instead, Guttermouth is loud, fast, and irritating. Forging a career on a willingness to offend must have been a wise move, though, because the band has been at it for just shy of two decades, with nearly a dozen albums to its name. Through that time, it has undergone several rounds of revolving-door lineup changes and nearly as many label swaps. But consistency through all of that backstage shapeshifting has served the band well, giving it a loyal fan base of perpetual 12-year-olds. If you like your punk fast and simple, your lyrics amusingly crass and juvenile, and your onstage heroes occasionally naked, these guys are just the kind of punks you'll love.


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