Guns, Pills, and Rock 'n' Roll: Queens of the Stoneage's Nick Oliveri Busted by SWAT Team

Earlier this week, Crossfade reported on Coheed and Cambria bassist, Mic Todd, being arrested in Massachussetts for stealing oxycontin from a Walgreens hours before his band's opening gig for Soundgarden.

Well, it's a good/weird week for rock star arrests as Nick Oliveri, ex-bassist for the Dwarves, Kyuss, and Queens of the Stoneage, was apprehended by a SWAT team after a confrontation with his ex-girlfriend morphed into a hostage situation.

Oliveri wouldn't let the woman leave his L.A. home. And upon turning himself in after a two-hour stand-off, police found a loaded rifle.

Look guys, it's sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. No guns. And by drugs they mean, like, weed, or acid, or something. Not heroin in pill form.


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