Guns 'n' Bombs

It's a straight-up L.A. invasion of Miami this weekend. The attack on Friday's edition of the weekly Revolver party comes from the the tag team duo with the gentle moniker Guns 'n' Bombs. While New York and Paris get all the techno/electro revival attention, Flip Turbotito and Johnny Love come correct with grooves that are at once cold, hard, sleazy, and sexy. They've released tracks on white-hot label Kitsuné and wreaked applauded aural destruction at Revolver's Coachella afterparties. Want an idea of the duo's relentless party-time DJ sets? Start with a shredding chainsaw electro bass. Add some early-rave synth runs à la 2 Bad Mice. Filter this all through hiccupping, stuttering, short-attention-span tempos. Hit the dance floor and prepare for fallout.


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