Green Sky and Shroud Eaters

Pity the hapless hipster who wanders into Sweat Records this Saturday night looking for a copy of Vampire Weekend's "Contra." An unusual but welcome change, the evening's in-store performance will turn away from mellow indie and toward grimy, in a four-band show organized by local trio Green Sky. The group's down-tuned, sense-dulled guitar onslaught is distorted and fried enough to seem positively Torched, and that's no accident. Miami's best stoner-rockers-made-good are an undeniable influence on this act; Torche's Jonathan Nuñez even produced the band's recent two-song Remote World EP. How Green Sky flips that influence and makes it into something new will play out on the band's next EP, which it plans to record any day now.

Shroud Eater, meanwhile, was formerly known as Righteous Devices and was beloved by the Churchill's set for a coed take on dirty rock 'n' roll. Under the new guise, vocalist/guitarist Jean, bassist Janette, and drummer Felipe slow things down and get more psychedelic, to our benefit. If you ever wondered what Kyuss or the Jesus Lizard would sound like with a healthy estrogen dose, here it is: Miami's answer to Savannah's Kylesa. The band's recently released debut EP was mixed and mastered by — surprise! — Jonathan Nuñez. The guy is turning into the Steve Albini of aspiring South Florida sludge rockers.


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