Grammys 2014: Six Things That Sucked and Six Things That Didn't Totally Suck

Grammys 2014: Six Things That Sucked and Six Things That Didn't Totally Suck
Courtesy of the Grammys

Another year, another Grammy show.

This may have been the 56th run, but the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences still can't work out the kinks. It certainly wasn't the worst Grammys we've ever seen, but there was plenty to bitch about.

Some of the performances were groundbreaking, and some of them were downright snooze-worthy. As usual, the Academy tried to make up for past mistakes by shutting out deserving nominees, and it still gave too much stage time to washed-up stars who would be better remembered as they were than as they are.

Life is about balance, so we here at Crossfade broke our highlights into two simple categories. Here's what sucked and didn't totally suck about the 56th-annual Grammy Awards.

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Things That Didn't Suck

Beyoncé and Jay Z

Sure, she may not have qualified for any Grammy awards this season, but Beyoncé still walked away a winner in the whole world's eyes. Her opening performance with hubby Jay Z was hot. Plus, "Drunk in Love" is a jam. We're pretty sure they're having the best sex of anyone alive right now.

Then Bey and Jay remained the most adorable thing about the Grammys all night long. They were supercute, dancing in the front row. That side-eye Jay gave Jamie Fox as he went on and on about Bey was classic. He's lucky Jay is a classy man these days; otherwise, for sure, he would've got stuck. Yes, Hollywood's greatest power couple still has no fear of competition.

Daft Punk's All-White Suits

How fresh were those new suits? We are loving the disco duds. Now we have to go get our own all-white ensemble. Clearly, white is all the rage in Paris. A special big cheers to Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo for finally winning for Album of the Year, even if we think Kendrick Lamar deserved to win more. You know the Grammys, always making up for past mistakes at the expense of newcomers. Still, the hug that the robots gave each other before climbing the stage was heart-melting.

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