Glocca Morra

How are things in Glocca Morra, you ask? Well, they're just swell, if you're talking about the new local band that features drummer Arik Dayan, formerly of Lasso the Moon, Baby Calendar, and most recently Call It Radar. Zack Schwartz, a young and spunky guitar player and vocalist, joins him on this project. The two combine a vast ocean of technical ingenuity, melodic sweetness, and musical passion to create a harder-edged, yet still sometimes precious, blend of sonic explosions. The group is fresh off a winter tour of the East Coast, and that can only have cemented the band's already substantial aural glue. This Friday, they play the outdoor patio at the Vagabond, and you know the drill over there — entrance is free before 11 p.m., and Stella is on tap for a dollar until midnight.


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