Fridays at the Vagabond consistently book national acts that are on the edge of mass consciousness or just above the radar, and this Friday, L.A.'s Gliss continues in that vein. The three-piece has moved past the hype of being Billy Corgan's favorite band and is simply existing as a legitimate powerhouse of fucked-up noisy-sexy-beautiful pop music. The band members are reaching Miami amid a massive national tour supporting their latest, Devotion Implosion.

The group has garnered numerous references to the Velvet Underground and basically any other cool yet fucked-up band of the past 25 years. The comparisons are not undeserved or off base; the songs have just enough hooks to keep you entranced and are varied and rough enough to keep you guessing. Lauren Reskin, Jason "Man-Kitten" Jimenez, and Carmel Ophir are delivering on their promise to keep the downtown scene fresh, alive, and full of fantastic music.


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