What do you give a bunch of Givers?
What do you give a bunch of Givers?

Givers at Bardot January 19

Nestled alongside the Black Keys' El Camino, Fleet Foxes' Helplessness Blues, and Cults' self-titled effort, Givers' up-tempo debut album, In Light, earned a spot on New Times' Best of 2011 list, an accolade that the Louisiana-based band likely overlooked.

Fret not. This Thursday, when Givers plays Bardot's Living Room Sessions concert series, we will attempt to present the quintet with a makeshift award commemorating its buzz-worthy achievements. But what do you give a Giver?

1. Washboard: Arguably the most versatile instrument on the planet, the washboard makes for not only great zydeco indie-pop but also a portable laundry room. Hurray for cleanliness and Creole rhythm!



With Sirens 305-576-7750; bardotmiami.com. Tickets cost $18 to $22 plus fees via bardotmiami.showclix.com. Ages 21 and up.

2. Band-Aid adhesive bandages: Be it on guitar strings, drumsticks, washboards, or whatever, musicians are always injuring their fingers. Surely, this band would appreciate a big box of Johnson & Johnson's finest.

3. Dashikis: Givers already blends elements of African percussion. Why not blend elements of African garb?

4. Antacids: Creole food can be a little spicy, even for a band from Louisiana. And nothing is worse than heartburn.

5. Parachute: Givers will only go "Up Up Up" in 2012.


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