Get Set Go

Angst. Anger. Apathy. Issues. That's what you get from L.A.'s Get Set Go. A self-professed slacker, singer Mike TV fesses up that he's a loser, unworthy of rock-star reverence. The new album, Ordinary World, is buttressed by self-effacing irony, insecurity, and ineptness. Bereft of cash, girls, ambition, and purpose, he trumpets his self-loathing and boasts of his bitterness toward the rest of the world. Inevitably songs titled "I Hate Everyone," "Murder by Millions," "Suicide," and "Die Motherfucker Die" leave little room for ambiguity. Regularly included in the soundtrack for Grey's Anatomy, the music is so unexpectedly effusive, infectious, and engaging (think Ray Davies helming Green Day) that it almost — almost — makes you forget how ridiculously bitter and bummed-out these guys are. Couple those melodies with lyrics like "I've been thinking about drinking Drano/A nice big glass to make all my pain go" and you feel better about yourself if only by comparison.


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