Get an Early, Exclusive, and Free Peek at Smashing Pumpkins' New Song "Owata"

It's been almost exactly 11 years since Billy Corgan's infamous May 23, 2000 interview with Los Angeles alt-rock radio station KROQ. It started with a minirant against "the Britneys of the world" and concluded with the on-air announcement that Smashing Pumpkins were breaking up.

But now that a decade-plus has passed and the Britneys of the world have all become bipolar moms, maybe it's time for a '90s alt revival?

Now 43, Corgan seems to be so absolutely fucking positive of alt-rock's imminent return that he's pulling an insanely 20th-century trick .... He's releasing an epic 44-track Smashing Pumpkins concept album about the Tarot called Teargarden By Kaleidyscope.

And today, Crossfade's sister blog West Coast Sound over at LA Weekly is debuting the Pumpkins' new Kaleidyscope song "Owata."


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