Most people would agree that drinking and driving is a bad idea, and that guzzling a Budweiser before racing in the Daytona 500 amounts to a death wish. But there is a place where such rules of the road dont matter, and being inebriated just makes it that much more fun. Even if you crash, its okay, because this is the only place where you can die and come back to life with the drop of a coin. At GameWorks (5701 Sunset Dr, Ste 300, South Miami; 305-667-4263), you can leave behind the limitations of mortality and enjoy the wonders of virtual simulation.

GameWorks has two floors of flashing, booming fun to overload your senses. During the day the place is packed with childrens birthday parties, but on the weekends the big kids drink and play till 2:00 a.m. On a recent Friday night patrons in their early twenties stoked their buzzes with videogames. What better way to shoot hoops, wreck cars, race horses, and kill zombies, all in an hours time?

Aside from the gaming geekery, theres a nostalgic quality to the restaurant/bar/arcade. Old classics like air hockey, skee ball, and pop the weasel remind us of our younger days spent at the now-extinct Flippers or Discovery Zone. But times have changed. These days games like Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Freaks rule the pretend world. A favorite at GameWorks is Sky Pirates, where players are strapped into seats that lift into the air every time they shoot a target. Nearby a creepy Uncle Fester with a light bulb in his mouth leers at patrons, daring them to play Electrifying, in which a player must hold onto a vibrating handle for as long as possible.



And for all its swerving, crashing, shooting, and dancing, what did Midnight Glimpse win for its efforts? A Chinese finger trap.


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