Fujiya and Miyagi at the Electric Pickle May 26

Sometimes electronic music can be soul-crushingly boring. But fans can't tell the difference because they've been hypnotized by a series of bleeps and bloops. In a few years, however, when trends change and the difference between what's good and not good is revealed, Fujiya & Miyagi will remain enshrined in iPods and iLibraries worldwide.

A quartet from Brighton, England, this band is not Japanese. Yet these four white guys have been making music under the assumption they're Asian since 1999. The group just released its fourth album, the dark and jaunty Ventriloquizzing. With a Broadcast vibe and influence from Krautrock, the music is relaxed. But it's not stoner-relaxed. Just more like bedtime dance music that might make you move.

Live, the band is similarly dreamy. You should expect men on instruments, low harmonizing, and light surrealism. Also, a little parting reminder: Don't forget to wear your best dancing pajamas.


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