Fucked Up at Churchill's Pub

With a moniker as abrasive as Fucked Up, the Toronto indie-hardcore punk outfit might be easy to prejudge as either ridiculous or talentless. But the band's measure of success (it won the Canadian version of the Grammy — the Polaris Music Prize — in 2009 for the album The Chemistry of Common Life and has received rave reviews from the New York Times) obviously derails those conclusions. Still, if you ask frontman Damian "Pink Eyes" Abraham what he thinks, he'd be squarely in the camp of the prejudgers.

"I am living proof that it does not take any talent or even hard work to have a sustainable career in music," he says. "Except for being away from home on tour, this is the most ridiculously easy way to make a living." Depending on what one considers a "sustainable career," that answer is pretty subjective. But if it means the almost-300-pound vocalist has a roof over his head and plenty of greasy food — his admitted fare of choice — Fucked Up has pretty much made it. Still, remember that beneath the laissez-faire exterior and — for lack of a better term — fucked-up intra-band dynamics, Fucked Up cares about you.


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