Fête de la Musique

When it's this hot outside, you really can't ask for more than a free indoor music festival, even if it has a name you can't actually pronounce. Fête de la Musique returns to downtown Miami to celebrate the summer solstice with another day filled with exotic music. This year's festival will be celebrated at the Gusman Center and will feature the Refugee All Stars, an Afrobeat-reggae group from Sierra Leone that formed after its six members were forced from their own homes as a result of violence in the area. The All Stars performed at SXSW this past spring and were the subject of an award-winning documentary. Other performances include those by the French pop group Kid, the popular Haitian compas band Zenglen, and the Colombian marimba ensemble Grupo Naidy. And to keep things fête-ive, accordion players and drummers will greet guests in the lobby.


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