T.J. Sabo and friends at GADA's Fourth Element Halloween event
T.J. Sabo and friends at GADA's Fourth Element Halloween event
Humberto Guida

Fright Night

Deciding what Halloween party to go to can be trickier than finding a good costume. But like costumes, which can range from boring witch and vampire getups to sexy/skimpy Greco-Roman ensembles, nurse uniforms, dominatrix outfits, and my personal favorite, gluing leaves on your arms and calling yourself a tree, the choices are usually varied. There are the staple club events like Jamie Kennedy's shindig at Opium Garden and the Vampire's Ball at Nerve. Or you could go trick or treating at the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens for its annual Halloween Ball, where admission was $95 a head, yikes! Of course you don't need a party to enjoy this frightful holiday. There's always Coconut Grove and Lincoln Road, where parading throngs of colorful freaks show off their Halloween spirit. But this is the night for masquerading, so off into the night I flew.

For me, Halloween is a spooky, seedy night that requires a spooky, seedy setting. What could be more appropriate than a warehouse in Overtown? That's where I found myself when I arrived at GADA magazine's Fourth Element party at Vulcan's Lair, an artist studio and metalwork shop. GADA's publisher and party host, T.J. Sabo, definitely upped Overtown's fabulousness by bringing together young, chic, and beautiful party people (many of whom seemed scared by their surroundings) in the midst of poverty and decay. The party featured Waxburn, a rock band that kicked out the ultraviolence in Clockwork Orange outfits, and DJ Mark Leventhal, who is pioneering the comeback of pop metal with old Poison, Bon Jovi, and Motley Crue records.

Then it was off to the Aquabootylicious Halloween party, Blood Feast. Aquabooty's dynamic duo, the übercool Tomas Ceddia and the venerable Joe Budious, transformed their headquarters, a bohemian warehouse in the DeDis, into a dark haven for creepy house heads. Richard "Hell" Vasquez was on the decks, spinning dope house in a suave musketeer costume, feather in hat and all. Does this mean a regularly scheduled Aquabooty night is in the offing? Joe says, "We're working it."


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