French Horn Rebellion at Grand Central September 14

The French horn doesn't get enough love, man. It's a really beautiful instrument. But it's been all but forgotten in our modern uhntz-uhntz-ing age. And it almost never gets you laid in band class. Damn, trumpet gets all the ass. Two brothers from Brooklyn learned these lessons the hard way. So in 2007, they rebelled and began churning out some mad-funky alt-kid electro. Now they probably get laid, like, all the time. And you can also try to sex somebody when French Horn Rebellion hits Grand Central this Friday with Auto Body and Afrobeta. These guys are taking the swagger back for all the French horn players in the world. And that's why everyone who ever felt awkward shoving his or her hand into that great silver mouth should go dance and be a part of the movement. The funky brothers are finishing work on their second album, which they describe as "next jack swing." So expect lots of new songs, heavy beats, jivin' bass lines, and retro groove. Maybe you should even bring your own French horn.


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