Freeway at Transit Lounge March 12

In the early outlaw '80s, Freeway Ricky Ross turned crack rock into an interstate empire. Based in Los Angeles, he cooked up megakilo after megakilo, packaged that weight, and trafficked it to every corner of the country. He traveled with a thug army equipped with Uzis, AK-47s, and Glocks. And at the height of his hustle, Ross pulled in stacks of greenbacks so huge — often $2 million per day — he had to hire an entire staff of 24/7 money handlers just to feed his collection of electric cash-counting machines.

Inevitably, the crack-slanging L.A. drug legend got busted. But even sitting in federal prison for two decades, he spawned one of hip-hop's most potent current myths, inspiring the street names of both Carol City's William Leonard Roberts II (AKA Rick Ross) and South Philly spitter Leslie Edward Pridgen (AKA Freeway) — plus a million rap odes to making money fast and blowing it even faster.

Get a headful of gangsta fantasy this Saturday when Freeway holds it down as part of the Rising hip-hop series at Transit. You'll know the spot by the sweetly chemical smell and the click-clack of cash being counted.


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