Freeload: The Green Album is a Must

A lot of mash-up albums don't work. Two years ago, every hipster DJ seemed to have a mash-up disc at the ready to help promote their name--and only a small number of those were worth a damn.

But a new mash-up came out last week that's definitely something worth checking out. It's called The Green Album, you can download it here, and it's essentially a merger of Al "Grits" Green and your favorite rap artists.

It was put together by Omer Saar, produced by DJ Haircut of Now On/the Lab Techs and is one hell of a listen. It took the folks a long time to make this but they're giving it a way for free.

I've been playing it this morning and it just makes you feel good start to finish. Consider it musical sweet tea on a hot summer day.

Here's the tracklist.

If you want to check out a quick Al Green mash-up while the Green Album is downloading, click here and listen to Almatic (Nas+Al). Ridiculous.

--Jonathan Cunningham


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