Sometimes the Walkmen drive.
Sometimes the Walkmen drive.

Free Yr Radio Benefit for WVUM, with the Walkmen

Comprising three-fifths of mid-Nineties New York sensation Jonathan Fire*Eater, a band that made a career out of trading ostensible Ivy League destiny for starved-artiste squalor, the Walkmen create ant traps for the ears. Theirs is non-doctor-recommended white noise hidden in fragrant, pretty pop trinkets. The group's current album, You & Me, will leave some listeners keying in on the Bob Dylan vocal likenesses and old-school engineering, and at some point wondering what, exactly, these guys are selling. But they're plenty weird enough to be relevant –- it doesn't get much sweeter than when they club Clinic with their own noise-bat ("Four Provinces"), or dabble in Harry Belafonte calypso ("Long Time Ahead of Us") because, well, because why not.

The bandmates come to town bearing gifts: themselves. They're taking part in Free Yr Radio, a program created by Toyota Yaris and Urban Outfitters to support and publicize the importance of independent radio. The beneficiary of Monday night's gig is the University of Miami's WVUM, 90.5 FM. The shoestring-budgeted, student-run station should get itself a lot of press, some much-needed funding, and a new Toyota Yaris to use as a giveaway or as a promotional vehicle.

Urban Outfitters is donating its space for the show. You can print out as many tickets as you like, but arrive early, because admission is first-come, first-served. Visit


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