Frankie Knuckles

More is more at a Frankie Knuckles/Shapeshifters gig

House music veteran Frankie Knuckles and rising stars Simon Marlin and Max Reich, a.k.a. the Shapeshifters or Shape UK, are joining forces during WMC to promote their respective new albums. If Knuckles's 2004 A New Reality is any indicator of what to expect for his new release, fans of house and R&B will be equally pleased with his signature upbeat songs laced with piano and soulful vocals. Knuckles's DubJ's D'Light (A Remixed Reality) album, planned for release in April on his new imprint, Noice! Music, will feature the talents of Blaze, Quentin Harris, Groove Junkies, and Jamie Principle. The Shapeshifters' debut album, Sound Advice, releases this month on Positiva/EMI. The disc will showcase the duo's songwriting abilities while incorporating three new vocalists into funky, disco-influenced tracks.

1. Frankie Knuckles, "Whistle Song (Revisited)" (Noice! Music)
2. Frankie Knuckles, "Gimme Gimme, Disco Shimmy" (Eric Kupper Remix) (Noice! Music)
3. Shapeshifters, "Incredible" (Positiva/EMI)
4. Groove Junkies, "Devotion" (Morehouse)
5. Frankie Knuckles, "Journey (Blaze and Quentin Harris Remix)" (Noice! Music)
6. The Beginerz, "Love Me More" (Nocturnal Groove)
7. Mike Polo, "Gypsy Woman Dub" (CDR)
8. Gerald Elms, "Faith" (CDR)
9. Etherfox, "Something Different to Say" (Nocturnal Groove)
10. Chris Lake, "Changes" (CDR)

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